The New BMW M8

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2019 is already set to be big. The final series of Game of Thrones, the Spice Girls reunion tour, Toy Story 4 and more excitingly, the release of the new BMW M8 (okay, maybe the Spice Girls doesn’t quite make the cut!)


BMW this week has teased us with some more information on their new hot coupe. They have said that the M8 will use a ‘high-revving V8’ that will produce power ‘north of 600hp (592bhp)’ keeping the all-wheel drive on its toes!


The M8 will be the head of the new 8 Series range and in time, will be joined by an M8 Convertible and 4-door M8 Gran Coupe (as previewed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show).

Similarly to the BMW M5, the M8’s xDrive 4×4 system will be heavily rear-biased and there will also be a two wheel drive function available in the car.


BMW M announced that testing of their prototypes of the M8 are taking place at the Estoril circuit in Portugal and with that, has come a flurry of images of the car on the track.


With testing under way, BMW have confirmed their intentions to increase the rigidity of the chassis whilst still trimming weight and moving the centre of gravity lower. They have also confirmed that there will be revised steering and suspension to the M8.


In addition to the presumably outstanding performance the M8 will deliver, it has also pushed the boundaries on design concept. BMW have featured the iconic M double-bar kidney grille but this time, with a matt gold finish to the frame.

Mirroring this fantastic finish, BMW has completed the alloy spokes in matt gold along with the carbon compound brakes.

Finally, the most striking part of the current concept design is the yellow headlights, complimenting the menacing and sharp appearance of the rest of the car.


Whether these finishing touches make it to any of the production versions is unknown, but even a hint of these concept features will make for a seriously stunning car!


BMW have not revealed too much on its speed performance figures, however they have confirmed that the combined fuel economy will be in the region of 26mpg with the CO2 emissions between 246 and 243g/km. Although these figures are not usually at the top of the list for someone who is in the market for a BMW M vehicle!




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