Maserati Quattroporte – The Review

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Italy is a talented country. It can make the most humdrum names sound exciting and alluring. Called ‘Bob Matthews’? Move to Italy and suddenly you are ‘Roberto Matteos – Exciting and alluring’.


The Italian language has not failed in the task when it comes to their vehicles, a prime example, Maserati’s sixth-generation ‘Quattroporte’. In English? ‘Four doors’. However, whatever the language, this luxury saloon still remains both exciting and alluring.


Visually, the Quattroporte has presence. The grill is fierce and similar to that of the Ghibli, matching the rest of the vehicles modern, edgy style (and it’s not just style over substance). The grille masks vertical aerodynamic shutters, shaving 0.03 from its drag coefficient. This is beneficial for both performance and economy.


Inside the Quattroporte is a bold statement of premium fine grain leather in ‘Rosso’ (the alluring Italian word for, you guessed it, ‘Red’). Along with Maserati’s new 8.4 inch touchscreen infotainment system, it is teamed with the Harman Kardon stereo system. There is also the option to upgrade this to the Bowers & Wilkins equivalent, if your love for music is as fine-tuned as your love for cars.


Luxury soft close doors now come as standard on the Quattroporte, softening the first fierce impression of the vehicle as you step inside and the seats are firm yet comfortable. The rear-seats of the cabin have plenty of room and with the under carpet air pockets, the cabin is much more quiet in comparison to its predecessor. There is ample amount of headroom (surprisingly more than in the front) and the boot is cavernous, allowing for all manner of luggage.


The Quattroporte looks out for both the driver and the client in their latest release. Although the passenger in the rear cabin may have the luxury of space, the driver in the front has the luxury of technology. The steering in the Quattroporte is now electrically-assisted with more advance traction control. There is also the option to add driver aids that include lane assist, autonomous braking, traffic sign recognition and blind spot assist.



Here at LCH we are lucky enough to have added the latest Maserati Quattroporte GranSport to our fleet (of course we couldn’t resist the additional extras such as privacy glass and the icon trident stitching in the headrests). Call our Sales Team today on 0345 890 1000 to discuss prices.


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