Having a perfectly maintained fleet is essential to keeping your customers’ satisfaction high. They expect to have a car available to them whenever they require it, and, as such, your fleet needs to be efficient and flexible. LCH can organise and oversee the management of your cars, resulting in low costs, happy drivers, satisfied customers and no hassle for you.


If one of your cars needs a service, MOT or licensing, we will provide a replacement vehicle for the time it’s off the road so that your fleet remains as strong and capable as ever. We will also take care of organising your cars’ services, MOTs and licensing to save you the trouble.

  • Fully outsourced fleet management to improve efficiency and ensure a strong fleet
  • Tailored to your business objectives – for example, making cost savings, reducing administrative burden or sourcing vehicles more efficiently
  • Attentive and forward-thinking team
  • TfL licensing included (renewed every year)
  • Services and MOTs organised by us
  • Complete management of all requirements, including roadside assistance, repairs and purchasing new cars
  • Fixed fee to help with budgeting and cost efficiencies
  • Lower costs, as repairs, operations, services and administration are all included
  • Plug-in hybrid engines available*
  • Keep your drivers happy with excellent service and well-maintained cars
  • Keep impressing your customers with an excellent range of immaculate, beautiful and reliable cars