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Licensed Carriage Hire run a complete rental management system co-linked with a customer management tool which enables us to retain rental and driving documentation so once you have rented a vehicle from LCH with your permission, are able to refer to these documents for future rentals.
This system also enables us to manage our large fleet of vehicles to ensure that we have the right vehicle for your requirements at the shortest of notice.

Rental Agreement

At Licensed Carriage Hire all our staff utilise handheld devices to compete thedelivery and collection of our rental vehicles. At delivery you will be shown around your rental vehicle and complete the pre-rental condition report and the rental agreement. Once you are happy with both documents, your signatures are required where applicable on the device. The document will then be forwarded to your requested email address so you always have to hand if required or retain for future reference.
The same process is followed at the termination of the rental, we will complete the documentationand you can sign as confirmation and we will send you an updated version if required.

Licensed Paperwork

While having the right vehicle, at the right location, in therequired time is always a priority toour customers, the required licencing paperwork for the vehicle is essential. At LCH we ensure that you have access to this paperwork at the earliest opportunity. For this reasonas soon as we have confirmed your delivery you can login to our QR Scan system and have access to all the required vehicle license information. Once you have taken delivery of the vehicle the rental agreement will then be available for you to view. These documents are in PDF format and can be exported, emailed and printed as required.
The QR system can be accessed via the QR code in the glovebox any mobile device with a QR Scan App and through a personalised 4-digit personalised PIN you will have access for the duration of the rental.

Vehicle Tracking & Security

Through the latest technology with live and historic vehicle tracking from TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd, LCH can if required update you on the vehicle movements at a given time.
LCH vehicles are fitted with in-car forward facing cameras in its fleet capturing any unexpected incident giving clear visual playback with GPS, speed, time and motion at the point of the collision.Further information on the device is supplied in the vehicle.