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Is there a maximum or minimum rental period?

No, the hire is for however long you require. Rentals can be for a day, a week, a month or longer.

What documentation do�I need to share to rent a vehicle from LCH?

Driving license and 'Check Code' found on the DVLA website, www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
PCO License
Recent Utility Bill

I have endorsements on my license, can I rent a vehicle?

Yes, we review all licenses individually and will discuss with you prior to rental.

What is the minimum age of renter?

All drivers must be 25 or over.

I am licensed with a authority and not PCO, can I rent a vehicle?

Yes, we will assist where we can to get our vehicle licensed by your local authority but cannot guarantee its

I am not a licensed driver, can�I rent a vehicle from LCH?

No, apologies we only rent vehicles to local authority or PCO licensed drivers.

Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes, it is �150 on all rentals.

How can I pay for the rental or deposit?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

What is CDW and can I use to carry passengers?

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)covers our vehicle in the event of collision or damage while on hire. Our policy has
an excess of �1200 and entities you to the carriage of passengers for hire and reward. Our CDW also covers the
vehicle to be used airside if you have a permission from the airfield.

What is the excess on LCH CDW?

Like all policies our CDW has an excess which is �1200 on the rental vehicles.

Can I reduce the excess on the rental vehicle?

Yes we have options to reduce the CDW Excess to �150.This is an additional cost of �15 per day on top of our standard CDW cover.

Can I take the vehicle abroad?

No, our vehicles can only be used in the UK mainland.

Can I have more than one driver on the rental vehicle?

Yes we usually permit 3 drivers maximum per vehicle when on LCH CDW.

What happened if�I cancel my hire?

We will not charge you a cancellation fee unless advised at the time of booking.


How can�I get the paperwork for the vehicle?

The documents for the vehicle via a QR Code found within a vehicle. Using a mobile app you can
access via a PIN number that will we sent to your mobile at the time of booking.

Why can I not see the signature on the Rental Agreement?

Signatures are only viewable on PC's or when printed but do not show on mobile devices.

I have been asked by my operator for additional documentation for the rental vehicle. Can you provide?

If requested we can supply a supporting letter for the hire vehicle covering you on our insurance. Please ask at the time of booking.

I work for Uber and need specific documentation. Can you provide?

That�s fine, we will supply you all the signed documentation you need for Uber in the
format required by Uber that you can upload to your portal for the hire and authorisation.


Can I get the vehicle delivered?

Yes, we deliver vehicles within the M25 for hires over 3 days for FREE. If you need delivery for a shorter rental period
we will deliver for a small fee. If you need delivery to somewhere outside of the M25 ask a member of staff for
future details and pricing.

Do I have to be present for the delivery?

Yes we can only deliver a car if you are present, you will need to sign the rental agreement and check the condition of the vehicle when delivered.

Why is there a camera in the car and what does it do?

This forward facing accident camera captures any incident involving the vehicle. It does not record sound or
capture images from inside the car.

A warning light as come on the dashboard, what do I do?

Depending on the message on the vehicle you can either contact LCH of if immediate assistance is required contact
the manufacturer.

What if�I have had an accident in the hire vehicle?

You can contact our office on 03458901000 or the manufacturer for road side assistance if un-driveable. You may also
be contacted by our insures in relation to any accident damage .

I have puncture, what do�I do ?

The replacement of the tyre is the renter's responsibility and it must be a like for like size and rating replacement.

What if I damage the rental vehicle?

Please contact the LCH office or the manufacturer if you need recovery. Do not attempt to repair the vehicle yourself.

I am going over the DART crossing, do�I need to pay ?

No, all our vehicles are covered on account with DART. You will be changed the fee charged the free crossing of �2.50 per crossing
on the return of the vehicle


Do I have to be present for the collection of the vehicle?

Yes, you will need to be present when LCH collect the vehicle. We will need you to sign for the collection
and condition of the vehicle.

How long does it take to get a refund for my deposit?

When we collect a vehicle the refund process usually within 24 hours and it then take the bank operator 3-5
working days to put the charges back to your account.

Am I responsible for penalty charges or speeding fines?

Yes, you are responsible for the vehicle while it is on hire and charges while in your possession.

When will I get an invoice for rental or damage costs?

Once we have collected the vehicle we will invoice usually within 24 hours.